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Tidewell Foundation

Nurse Residency Program

Tidewell’s Nurse Residency Program is a 12-month program is for newly graduated/licensed Registered Nurses who are interested in hospice. The skills needed to be a hospice nurse are not covered in-depth in nursing school. The Program helps nurses transition into clinical practice in the specialty of hospice. Residents receive classroom education related to the care of patients and families, preparing them to become certified hospice nurses.

With the support of the Bishop Parker Foundation, the program prepared eight nurses in 2023 with the special skills they need to work in a hospice environment and provided Tidewell Hospice with capable, competent, and compassionate nurses.

After being accepted into the program, I was taught how to become a hospice nurse. I was placed with a clinical coach who taught me everything. I was never alone unless I felt confident to do so. I was also given the tools to study for the CHPN exam. As a Nurse Resident, I never felt alone, I always had the support I needed to succeed, and I still do.

Scena, Nurse Resident