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The Humane Society at Lakewood Ranch

The Humane Society at Lakewood Ranch (HSLWR) received a $5,000 Grant from The Bishop-Parker Foundation on 7/22/21. The grant was provided to respond to Urgent Medical Care. The impact of the grant provided funds to directly save the lives of animals within our shelter. With these funds, we were able to respond to urgent care needs in 14 situations. Many required follow-up medical care/treatment. In most cases, the grant funds were used for the initial urgent situation and medical visit.

Grants for medical services save lives! We again thank you so much for trusting us with the $5,000 grant. We really focused on using it to respond to urgent/critical needs. We cannot do what we do without the support of the community and the incredible value grants provide.

Here are a few of the animals who benefitted from this generous grant.


Because of these funds we were able to bring Oreo into our shelter and save his leg. He is still in treatment & is Heartworm Positive, but he will get better and find a wonderful forever home!

oreo exray and recovery
mabel-brown and white dog laying on green grass


Mabel was found as a stray. She is in a wonderful foster home, until she completes her surgery and we have a treatment plan. We hope this sweet girl has many more happy years in her forever home.


Boris is an example of what having funds for Urgent Care can accomplish. He is now living his best life!

In November, our Shelter Manager brought Boris into our Shelter. This 5-year-old dog was extremely emaciated. Without special care, he would have died. With the Bishop-Parker Foundation Grant, we knew we had the funds available to save him and respond to his medical needs.

We immediately got him to a Veterinarian. Boris was anemic, due to starvation. His bloodwork and tests came back positive for hookworms and he had areas of hair loss, injuries and scars. We immediately started medical treatment.

boris brown dog when rescued was emaciated

3 months later he was doing so much better and was ready for Adoption! He is an amazing dog…and so handsome!

In March, he found his wonderful forever home with two other dogs and amazing parents. He will never feel hunger, fear, or abandonment again!

boris brown and white dog recovered