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The Florida Center

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The Florida Center for Early Childhood supports the healthy development of young children, specializing in those with delays, disabilities, or mental health challenges. Through therapies including occupational, speech/language, and mental health, young children gain the skills they need to reach their full potential. Parents and caregivers also gain the knowledge and guidance to nurture their children’s growth.

One of the many ways The Florida Center adheres to its mission is through the Early Childhood Court (ECC) program. ECC is a specialized court model designed to address the needs of infants and young children under the age of three. Young children in the foster care system are the most vulnerable to trauma due to the intense level of brain development and critical child-parent bonding that typically occurs within the first 1,000 days of life.

The purpose of ECC is to change the experience and outcomes of young children in the welfare system. ECC heals trauma and repairs the parent-child relationship, expedites a permanent home for the child, and breaks the intergenerational cycle of abuse, neglect, and violence.

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The Bishop Parker Foundation’s investment in The Florida Center for Early Childhood supplied the funds for a new transit van, therapy for parents and children, and training for foster parents. The van is critical for taking children/parents to visitations, medical appointments, meetings, court proceedings, mental health therapy, parenting classes, etc. By providing reliable transportation, we lessen the barriers to success for the family. The impact of this investment results in happier, healthier children and parents, and stronger families.

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