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Manatee Literacy Council

A Program Assistant with Real-Life Experience

One in five adults in Manatee County lacks basic literacy skills, creating a barrier to stability for individuals and their families. Low literacy correlate with higher dropout, unemployment, and crime rates, lower life expectancies, and lower tax revenues. In 2021, Manatee Literacy Council struggled to meet adult learners’ needs with a staff of two part-time employees and over 200 active learners.

four women sitting around a table with books smiling and waving

Through a grant from Bishop Parker, Manatee Literacy hired a 3rd staff member, Marcela. A native of Columbia, Marcela has lived experience learning another language as an adult and can relate to the courage and commitment it takes. Her passion for the mission of empowering Manatee County adults through literacy is apparent in her position as Program Assistant. Through her warmth and welcoming personality, she helps learners get acquitted with the commitment it takes to learn English. She connects with our Hispanic communities through other area organizations, teaches family literacy at a local elementary school, and is an integral part of the growth of MLC through this last year. Marcela works to improve literacy rates in Manatee County by sharing her knowledge to build a better community!