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Boys & Girls Club of Manatee County

chef with group of young students in kitchen

Healthy Eats

Program Overview

Healthy Eats is a hands-on program led by a culinary professional (Teaching Kitchen Manager) that focuses on the identification and preparation of healthy, nutritious foods. The program is provided to members of the Boys & Girls Clubs in the 4th – 8th grades.

The program instills an understanding of what makes food nutritious and what food the human body needs to properly grow. The Healthy Eats program provides an increased emphasis on healthy choices in nutrition that will lead to healthier adult lifestyles and the prevention of devastating illnesses such as; diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

Program Educational Goals & Skill Development

  • Understand what makes food nutritious
  • Understand which foods have high nutritional value
  • Understand how good nutrition fuels the body and promotes good health
  • Understand basic food safety and cleanliness
  • Understand various culinary related careers
  • Develop skills with basic kitchen tools and equipment.
  • Prepare, present, and share healthy snacks with club members
  • Eat something new

Program Benefits to Children

The benefits of good nutrition for children include; healthy weight for height, mental well-being, ability to learn and concentrate, building strong bones and muscles, having a good energy level, the ability to fight sickness and disease, faster wound healing, and easier recovery from illness or injury.