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Grant Applications

Thank you for your interest in applying for a grant with the Bishop Parker Foundation.

If you are applying for Capital Funding please visit the Capital Funding Requests page.

Our funding areas are animal welfare, education, the environment, health, human services, and the arts.
There are two grant cycles annually with the first opening on February 14 and the second on September 14. When a grant cycle opens the Eligibility Quiz will be available using the following button:

Upon successfully completing the quiz, we will review your Giving Partner profile to confirm it is completed and up to date. Once confirmed you will receive a link to the grant application via email. Please allow up to 48 business hours to hear from us.

We encourage you to download and review the Application checklist and submit it early!
Please note that one of the requirements to submit is the signatures of your organization’s Board President and Executive Director.

The deadline for the second cycle is October 14, 2022, at 4:00 PM.

If you are planning to apply for $10,000 or more beginning on September 14 the Eligibility Quiz will be available here.

If you are planning to apply for $10,000 or less, please visit our partner Manatee Community Foundation’s site, which is handling all Bishop Parker Foundation requests for less than $10,000. The link will take you to a page to review their application process and requirements.

Additional Files

In addition to answering the application questions you will need to upload the following files:

  • Timeline for the project or program
  • Current Total Operating Budget through January 31, 2022 (PDF only)
  • Line Item Budget for the project or program

Required Signatures

Please note the signatures of the organization’s executive director AND board president are required in order to submit the grant. This is the last step before submission.

Browser Compatability

For best results, please use one of the following browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

Saving Your Application

Each page of the grant application has two buttons at the bottom of the page:
Save and Next

Clicking on Next will take you to the next page of the application.

Clicking on Save will generate a pop-up window asking that you sign up with Google, Facebook, or Email. This is the ONLY way the application can be saved and completed at a later time.

After signing up a second pop-up window will appear telling you that your application has been saved as a draft and you will receive an email with the link to return to the application at a later time.

You also have the option to “Get shareable link” – clicking on this will copy the link to your clipboard, which you can then paste into a document on your computer.

You can also choose “Resend Email” which will generate another email with the link to your application.


Technical Assistance

Please use the form below to submit any questions about the application. Someone will respond within 48 hours.