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Are the Bishop and Parker Foundations two separate foundations?

Before July 2022, there was the Edward E. and Lillian H. Bishop Foundation and the Mary E. Parker Foundation.  They are now legally consolidated as the Mary E. Parker Foundation doing business as the Bishop Parker Foundation.

When are requests for funding considered by the Foundation?

Currently, grant applications are considered twice a year in a Spring and Fall cycle.  No requests are considered outside of the application cycles.  The opening and closing dates of these cycles are listed on our home page.

Can I contact a member of the Board of Trustees to discuss a grant proposal/application?

It is not appropriate to contact individual Trustees regarding a project or proposal. Please use the application form provided on our site to submit your application. If you have a question or would like to discuss a possible proposal, please use the contact form to connect with the Foundation Executive Director.

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What will the foundation not fund?

The Bishop Parker Foundation is not funding endowment requests, nor requests for funds to distribute to other charitable groups.

The funding priority for the Foundation is for grant requests that serve Manatee County residents.

When are payments made?

Foundation notifications are sent to the organization’s designated email contact following the Foundation meeting approving grants for the cycle.  This is usually 3-4 months after the grant application closing date.  Funded grantees will receive payment in June for Spring cycle grants and December for Fall cycle grants.

If funding is denied will the Foundation provide an explanation?

Due to the high volume of requests we are unable to provide explanations. However, we encourage you to consider applying at subsequent grant cycles.  The grant process is competitive, and a request may be denied due to funding restrictions

Is the grant application cycle for $10,000 and below the same as for $10,001 and above?

Applications for grants of $10,000 or less can be made at any time. The team at Manatee Community Foundation will review them on an ongoing basis.

How do I know if my organization is eligible to apply?

  • Your organization must have a 501(c)(3) non-profit tax status.
  • Your project must be located in or serving a population in Manatee County.
  • Your organization must have an up-to-date profile with The Giving Partner*
  • Your funding request is $10,000 or more.**

*You will be required to provide a link to the organization’s profile
**The Bishop Parker Foundation only accepts requests for over $10,000. All other requests are processed through the Manatee Community Foundation. Learn more here.