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Are the Bishop and Parker Foundation applications separate as in the past?

The Bishop and Parker Foundations are seeking to merge and are working on the legal processes required to accomplish this goal. The potential merger, along with the settling of the Mary Parker estate, make 2021 a transition year for the foundations. An application for funding is considered by both foundations currently.

How has the request for funding changed?

In the past, non-profits were invited to apply for a grant through a mailing sent out to previous recipients or a trustee was contacted personally to consider a request. ALL requests for funding will now be handled through online applications either through our website or through that of our partner, the Manatee Community Foundation.

There will be two rounds of funding approved in 2021, the first application period is opening in April with payments made in July. The second application period will open in September with payments made in December.

Can I still contact a member of the board of trustees to discuss a grant proposal/application?

It is no longer appropriate to contact trustees individually.  Please use the forms provided on the site to submit your application. If you have a question or would like to discuss a possible proposal, please use the contact form

What will the foundation not fund?

The Bishop Parker Foundation is not funding endowment requests, nor requests for funds to distribute to other charitable groups.

When will the Foundation send notifications regarding approval or disapproval of a grant request?

Notifications will be sent out after the trustee meeting in July for this first round of grants. Funded grantees will receive payment in July unless another payment schedule is approved. Please do not contact the foundation to ask about results.

If funding is denied will the Foundation provide an explanation?

Due to the high volume of requests we are unable to provide explanations. However, we encourage you to consider applying again during the next grant cycle which will be open in September with grant payments provided by year’s end.

Is the grant application cycle for $10,000 and below the same as for $10,001 and above?

Applications for the grants of $10,000 or less can be made at any time. The team at Manatee Community Foundation will review them on an ongoing basis.

If we already had a previous ask into the foundation, do we still need to apply?

ions will need to be made online. Any past proposals that the Trustees may have been considering will need to make formal application through the online process.